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Empowering Working Mothers to excel in all areas of their lives

by enabling them to go out there and extend their lives and abilities to earn more money and for employers not to look at them as mothers but as skillful contributors.


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about us

GraceFull Extensions offers mothers looking to return to work all the guidance and nurturing they need. It’s your time to be helped and encouraged. It can be challenging to transition back to work after maternity leave or take time off to raise a family. At GraceFull Extensions, we understand that and provide you with an individualized and unique coaching program to assist you in taking those first steps and re-entering the workforce.

Sweet Words

My name is JAY; I am a mother of 4. Before I started with GraceFull Extensions, I was working part-time and wasn’t sure what to do or where to start, but Mimi helped me set up goals and develop an action plan. By applying her techniques, I was able to get a promotion within three months. She inspires, and empower me not only to be a better person but a professional. She has this gift to inspire people to reach their full potential in life. She is holding me accountable and always gives honest feedback. She posses the combination of empathy and passion. 


Poems that radiate the unconditional love of motherhood

Poetry can uplift and inspire, and the poems in this collection certainly deliver. Written by a mother for her infant son, these poems will resonate in your soul, soothe your mind, and stick with you long after you’ve read the final word. If you need a pick-me-up, a reminder of the unbreakable bond between a mother and child, or simply want to enjoy a moment of peace, this book is a must-read. Fill your thoughts with love and forget your troubles for a moment. From My Heart to Yours: A Mother’s Advice to Her Son offers powerful words, important messages, and makes a great gift!

Myrlande ~Mimi~ Desances

Mimi is a Certified Personal Development and Career Coach with a strong urge to help working mothers or those entering the workforce commit themselves to their goals and make a difference in their lives. She is the founder of GraceFull Extensions, a foundation that seeks to empower and support mothers in their quest to change their lives through behaviors and skills that can help them break their perceived boundaries.

As an award-winning and best-selling author and a holder of a Master’s Degree in Business Management, she aims to share many ideas through books and motivational speeches. She has also run a successful online reselling business for over ten years and a career in retail management for over 15 years, allowing her to acquire valuable people management skills after she recruited, hired, and trained several employees in sales, customer service, and entry-level management. She is a firm believer and a devoted servant of God whose desire is to give women a voice.

how i got into reading and writing

I have a speech impediment; kids bullied me because I stuttered when I was younger. I was afraid of chit-chatting and socializing. My favorite pastimes were reading and writing. I would write to express myself, and as I got older, writing became a form of therapy and an escape. I am not writing out of necessity anymore, I am writing out of love and the desire to inspire and encourage people with my story.

not only writing books but also i founded

GraceFull Extensions

GraceFull Extensions is a unique hair extensions business that is meant to inspire and empower women, particularly working mothers. Its purpose is to help working women feel beautiful and empowered by choosing the right hair extensions/wig or eyelashes for any occasion. In addition, any purchase made from GraceFull Extensions, a part of it will be channeled towards helping working mothers in developing appropriate skills either to level up their careers or start their own thriving businesses.


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