Job search can be a stressful process for anyone, and for moms who are just entering the workforce or returning after being home for a while, it’s even scarier, and that’s where we come in.

We provide professional resume services, job interview preparation, salary negotiation tips, professional clothing for interviews for our local mothers. Besides these tools, we offer many additional services in our Full-Service Coaching program. 

We designed a Full-Service Coaching program for moms to assist them in clarifying what they desire from their career post-parenthood, enhance their skills, and regain confidence in their abilities to balance career and family responsibilities. To achieve success on both a personal and professional level, we strive to empower moms to feel balanced and fulfilled both at home and work.

It’s Your Time, Moms!

Our Programs Include

Career Coaching Regardless of your career goals, I offer career coaching programs that will enable you to discover, define, and chart your new path. With a newly defined career direction, a sense of self-confidence boosted, and an understanding of what you are good at and are genuinely passionate about, you will be left with a feeling of clarity. Furthermore, you will have a substantial career action plan to help you accomplish your goal.

Certificate Program Sometimes, you want to learn a new skill to advance your career but can’t afford to do so, now with GraceFull Extensions Certificate Program, you can. There is a range of programs you can choose from, and you can do it all in the comfort of your home. 

Physical and Mental Wellness Whether you’re feeling self-conscious about your weight or overwhelmed with navigating being a mother and the workplace, we have a nutritionist and a counselor here to help.

Mindset Coaching To be great, we have to remove specific blockages and myths we were led to believe about yourselves as mothers. The mindset coaching program is to help you develop self-worth, break through blocks that are holding you back and enable you to tap into the incredible power that resides within you by aligning your thoughts, feelings, and actions with your desires.  

Driving Aid Every mother should know how to drive and carry a driver’s license even if they choose not to do so. I have met a lot of mothers who don’t drive,  some out of fear, and others can not afford driving lessons. GraceFull Extensions is here to help you get over your fear and provide the necessary support you need to get you started. 

Financial Planning Through our financial coaching program, we assist you in developing healthy financial habits and setting financial goals. The tasks can be varied, from managing money daily to planning for the future. With this program, we can help you identify areas in which you face financial challenges and develop strategies to address those challenges.

Our Goal

Our goal is to ensure that every mother has the ability and strength to regain control of her life, to be valued and respected for her experiences and skills and compensated fairly for her contribution to the workplace, become independent, and be proud of her accomplishments at home and the workplace.

You can expect to receive the following information during this call:

Discussions on Career Objectives

Customized Growth Plan

Personal Guidance

PS: Our programs are completely free of charge to a mom needing our services. The programs are being funded with personal savings as well as profit from our hair extensions business so if you would like to help us help more moms, contact us to find out ways you can do that.