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“This site is a source of inspiration, and empowerment, while providing the necessary tools to help make it easier for working mothers to gracefully extend their careers and, in turn, their lives.”

– MiMi


GraceFull Extensions offers mothers looking to return to work all the guidance and nurturing they need. It’s your time to be helped and encouraged. It can be challenging to transition back to work after maternity leave or take time off to raise a family. At GraceFull Extensions, we understand that and provide you with an individualized and unique coaching program to assist you in taking those first steps and re-entering the workforce.

Findings have shown that working mothers are paid three times less than non-working mothers. Our goal and mission are to empower working mothers to get what they deserve. And we do this by enabling them to go out there and extend their lives and abilities to earn more money and for employers not to look at them as mothers but as skillful contributors. 

Meet Mimi, the founder of GraceFull Extensions Foundation and 

Myrlande E Desances (popularly known as MiMi) is a first-time mum, a wife, and an award-winning, best-selling author. She’s also a career coach for working moms and an inventor; she has an MBA in Business Management. Most importantly, she is a firm believer in God and believes in inspiring and empowering people to see their true potential. She boasts of having the happiest and most adorable baby in the world Kendric Mathew, who challenges her and motivates her each day to be better and make a difference any way she can. He gives her the zeal to face each new day with renewed vigor. 

On the fun side, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, she loves cooking,  collecting gemstones, and anything relating to jewelry. 

She desires to give working mothers their voice and help them learn new ways to improve their lives. Working mothers are often looked at differently and deserve the backup and resources to overcome those perspectives.